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3 feet of pepe love

A Brief History of the AdmiralEdit

Admiral Parkinsons (Born Frederick Cajmo Parkinsons) is a retired Navy Admiral in the British navy. After joining the force in 1803 he saw action at the battle of Trafalgar as a chef on the HMS Victory. He is remembered for throwing a frog at a deckhand and this resulted in the deckhand ducking, dodging a cannonball.

After this he served in the navy for another 45 years, making his way to Admiral in 1836. He was not involved in any major campaigns in his time as admiral up until 1850 when he faked his own death in order to pursue his latest invention, the 'Pepe Implanting Implement'. This device was used to implant and extract the Pepe Frog into one's various cavities.

he used his large wealth to bribe an official of the Great Exhibition of 1851 and get the invention displayed at Crystal Palace. It was noted by one Victorian scholar as being quote 'the most grotesque yet pleasurable feel of all the medical products displayed'. The implement did well

Latest activityEdit

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Character head

Admiral Parkinsons before his pepe addiction

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